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Black Basalt


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Black Basalt

Black basalt for sale:

Black basalt, also known as Egyptian Black, is a black-bodied low-fired stoneware. It occurs in both dry-bodied (un-glazed) form and also with a clear glaze. The earliest black basalt originated in Staffordshire in the early to mid C18th but it was Wedgwood who refined it and reinvented it in the 1770s. Black basalt was produced by many major potters in the C18th during the neo-classical movement (including Neale & Co, Turner, Adams, Mayer etc.), which saw a huge improvement in the quality of the ware to include fine intricate moulded, sprigged and turned detail.
Black basalt continued to be produced throughout the C19th in many British potting centres. Black basalt is often confused with ‘Jackfield’ type wares, which differ in that they have a black glaze over a red or black body and are earthenware. Basalt is unglazed or clear glazed over a black body and is stoneware.

Black basalt teapot, wine barrel with grapevine - Paul Bohanna Antiques - AP/483

Small black basalt teapot marked CYPLES - AP/1005 - Paul Bohanna Antiques

Black basalt Wellington teapot, obverse - AP/909 - Paul Bohanna Antiques

AP/771 - Black basalt strawberry pattern teapot, probably Leeds - obverse - Paul Bohanna Antiques

AP/859 - Black basalt teapot with crowns and Prince of Wales feathers - obverse - Paul Bohanna Antiques

Cyples black basalt teapot  c.1812-1834

Basalt Wellington teapot c.1815-1820

Basalt strawberry teapot c.1800-1820

Basalt teapot with crowns c.1820