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The following are the latest items to be added for sale - please do contact us with any enquiries you may have. In certain cases we may be able to provide more photos if required.

Latest Items Added

AP/1072 - Agateware earthenware cradle with slipware inscription “M J + R 1856” - reverse - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/1072

AP/900 - Earthenware agateware ring flaskAP/900

A grey / brown salt-glazed stoneware German stein with figures C19th - AP/992 - obverse - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/992

Large two-tone treacleware moulded jug with Babes in the Wood design AP/695 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/695

Small black basalt CYPLES teapot - AP/1005 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/1005

Pearlware banded ware frog mug with sprigs - AP/1041 - obverse - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/1041

Jackfield glazed low-round teapot, spiral form with gold highlights - obverse - AP/799 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/799

Salt-glazed stoneware scratch-blue jug with George III GR medallion - obverse - AP/1047AP/1047

Felspathic stoneware slipcast hunting jug - AP/782 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/782

Large two-tone treacleware cat figure - front - AP/805 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/805

Pearlware jug with blue ground and white sprigs, greyhound, eagle and stag - obverse - AP/722AP/722

Clementson brown transfer dish - Penelope Carrying the Bow to the Suitors - front - AP/596 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/596

Westerwald Salt-Glaze Stoneware tankard - obverse - AP/1077 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/1077

Westerwald Salt-Glaze Stoneware drinking jug with sprigged ‘GR’ medallion - AP/851 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/851

Treacleware (Rockingham glazed) Owl teapot - Minton artware - obverse - AP/856 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/856

Two-tone treacleware gothic jug - AP/888 - obverse front - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/888

Earthenware ring flask with ribbon lugs and polychrome flowers - back - AP/944 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/944

Very large two-tone treacleware spaniel dog figure - obverse - AP/924 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/924

Blue stoneware crabstock teapot, Ridgway & Abington - obverse - AP/939 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/939

Treacleware flask EDWARD WHYATT OF BONDARY - obverse / front - AP/1071 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/1071

Yellowware (glazed caneware) teapot with white sprigs - obverse - AP/1209 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/1209

AP/993 - Small treacleware spaniel dog figure - front - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/993

Small treacleware hare figure - obverse - AP/1028 -Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/1028

Black basalt Wellington teapot, obverse - AP/909 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/909

AP/740 - Treacleware 'Tam O'Shanter' moneybox 'MONEY TAKEN IN HERE' - front - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/740

White felspathic stoneware teapot with American Eagle and Peace sprigs - obverse - AP/640 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/640

AP/771 - Black basalt strawberry pattern teapot, probably Leeds - obverse - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/771

Pearlware arcaded dish 'Eastern Street Scene' attributed to Riley - front - AP/778 - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/778

AP/852 - Porcelainous china jug with blue ground and white sprigs - obverse - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/852

AP/859 - Black basalt teapot with crowns and Prince of Wales feathers - obverse - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/859

AP/940 - Large saltglazed stoneware barrel flask, attributed to Stephen Green, Lambeth - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/940

AP/960 - Black teapot with white classical figures, attributed to F. & R. Pratt of Fenton, obverse - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/960

AP/945 + 946 - Two Continental terra-cotta figures of a boy and a girl - obverse - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/945/946

AP/1119 - Small round treacleware spirit flask with leaves and flowers - front - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/1119



AP/740 - Treacleware 'Tam O'Shanter' moneybox 'MONEY TAKEN IN HERE' - front - Paul Bohanna AntiquesAP/000