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Other Stonewares

Other Stoneware for sale:

This section includes coloured-body stonewares not included in other sections. These often have applied clay sprigs (also known as bas-reliefs) usually in different contrasting colours but also include moulded wares and caneware.

There are a wide variety of clay body colours that were used to a greater or lesser extent, with blue, green, yellow and drab being the most prevalent.

Other Stonewares group - Paul Bohanna Antiques

Blue stoneware crabstock teapot, Ridgway & Abington - obverse - AP/939 - Paul Bohanna Antiques

AP/1236 - Caneware oil lamp with Archers at the Statue of Diana - Wedgwood - top - Paul Bohanna Antiques

Blue crabstock teapot c.1846

Wedgwood caneware oil lamp c.1785-1805