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“Dipped” treacleware octagonal jug. Moulded design of St. George and the Dragon. c.1850-1885.


“Dipped” treacleware jug of octagonal form. With moulded design of St. George and the Dragon. British. c.1850-1885.

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An earthenware jug with octagonal body. The upper part has been dipped in a runny treacleware type brown glaze (“Rockingham” type brown glaze). The body has a moulded scene, repeated on obverse and reverse, which depicts St. George on horseback slaying the Dragon. At four corners there are also moulded vase shape jardiniers with flowers. There is a band of moulded flowers and leaves below the rim. Off-white / cream body with clear lead glaze.

These dipped treaclewares (related to treacleware and two-tone treacleware) are likely to have been made in many potting centres around Britain. There are many examples of flasks, tankards, moneyboxes (banks), and other forms in this ware with small but significant differences in body and glaze colour, which supports the many origins idea. They are said to have been made in Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and Scotland, but other locations are also likely.

Pot ID: AP/989
Dimensions: 203mm highest to top of handle spur.
Net Weight (grams): 755

Condition Report:
There are 5 glaze chips on spout and rim. There is a small area of discolouration where glaze missed part of base edge during manufacture.


Weight 1250 g