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Pearlware blue ground jug with white clay sprigs including a greyhound, an eagle and a stag.


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An earthenware white-bodied wheel-thrown jug, with blue slip ground on neck and body. White clay applied sprigs around the neck depict alternating stylised flowers. The sprigs around the body include on obverse side: A standing greyhound dog with rabbit on ground. Front side: An eagle with a laurel branch in its beak (a vaguely similar motif to the American Eagle seal, but lacking the arrows in talons and the shield). Reverse side: A standing stag.

The handle and spout are moulded with acanthus leaf type decoration. Stylised shell (?) type moulded handle lower terminal. Turned horizontal flutes (ribbing) above the foot, with turned recessed base. The clear glaze shows blue where it pools.

Similarities in style suggest that this jug was made in Staffordshire, possibly by one of the Wood family. Lightly potted with clear well defined sprigs in a style which emulates the earlier felspathic white stonewares.

Pot ID: AP/722
Dimensions: 145mm high (to top of handle).
Net Weight (grams): 554

Condition Report:
A few microchips around rim. Some glaze fritting around spout rim and extremities of some sprigs. Small glaze chips on top and side of handle which are discoloured. There is a minor short crescent hairline in centre of base which is possibly from manufacture.


Weight 900 g