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Treacleware chest of drawers moneybox. Eight drawers. c.1865-1885.


Rare treacleware chest of drawers moneybox with eight drawers. Probably Staffordshire but maybe Scottish. c.1865-1885.

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Small earthenware moneybox with brown treacleware glaze (‘Rockingham’ type glaze). In the form of a chest of drawers with eight drawers. The flat back has a ‘nipple’ of clay where the back was pierced with an air hole (now covered with glaze). Press-moulded in two halves with rudimentary feet on base. Hand-cut coin slot on top.
This model is not found in STODDARD or any of the HUEBNER books and must therefore be considered as rare, probably rated D-E. Certainly British, but could originate from Staffordshire or possibly Scotland.

Pot ID: AP/1076
Dimensions: 84 mm High.
Net Weight (grams): 281
Date: c.1865-1885.

Condition Report:
The coin slot has been damaged by removal of coins (chunk of rear edge missing). Glaze chips on rear left edge of bank. Scratches, minor wear, plus some micro flea-bites here and there.


Weight 750 g