Ceramics Types

There are a vast range of ceramics types, in fact far too many to hope to describe them all here. In the following sub-pages I have described some of the better known and one or two of the less well known types of (mainly) British pottery. I have also described a few catagories of special interest to collectors, such as moneyboxes, flasks and inkwells. The aim here is simply to share a little knowledge with those who may be interested. I fully appreciate that a great many of the visitors to this website will already be fully conversant with the information offered here and many will have much deeper knowledge than I. Nevertheless I hope that some at least will find these pages useful. I also hope that any of my mistakes will be (gently) pointed out so that I can correct them and keep learning and maybe even help spread a little appreciation for British ceramics. If you are able to provide evidence or reliable citations for corrections, that would always be very much welcomed.

Each ceramic type described here also includes an image gallery of relevant pots that I have sold or owned, which I hope may be of interest and possibly even helpful for study and research purposes. I will try and add to these on an on-going basis to improve their usefulness.
Some of the photos are scans from old 35mm film photos which are not ideal quality, my apologies.

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Glazed black basalt barrel shape teapot with grapevine moulding. An oddly incongruous design for a teapot. Staffordshire c.1825-1845. AP/483.