Pearlware chestnut basket and dish, with latticework. Blue transfer printed ‘Tendril’ pattern. c.1810-1830. AP/1719.


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Pearlware moulded chestnut basket and under-dish, with cut lattice work walls. Wavy rim and ‘twig’ handles added at each end of oval rim. Flat fully glazed base with three kiln trivit firing scars. The handles, inner rim, outer rim, and inside bottom are decorated with a blue transfer pattern with a stylised flower at the centre surrounded by curly tendrils, leaves, and flowers. The basket is accompanied by the original under-dish/plate.

Versions of this pattern are discussed in ‘The Dictionary of Blue and White Printed Pottery 1780-1880 Volume I’ (Coysh & Henrywood, 2001, p.360, and vol. II p.232). “Tendril Pattern [no image]… a pattern by Benjamin Adams… [with a] small circular centre containing a stylised flower motif, surrounded by… tendrils linking… leaves and flowers. Several variants known… by other potters…’. A fairly similar pattern is shown in Vol. II and called ‘Sheet Flower and Tendrils’.

Pot ID: AP/1719
Dimensions: 78mm high to top of handles. 263mm longest.
Net Weight (grams): 482

Condition Report:
Perfect. There are one or two tiny glazed over shrinkage ‘cracks’ on the lattice work, but these are from manufacture.

Pot ID: AP/1720
Dimensions: 31mm highest. c.287mm longest.
Net Weight (grams): 468

Condition Report:
There is a very small section of rim/trellis which has been re-stuck (badly) with three tiny associated hairlines nearby. A rough patch under the trellis/rim where it was either poorly glazed or slightly over-fired.

Weight 1505 g