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Two-tone treacleware moulded jug with Gothic arches.


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An octagonal moulded earthenware jug with a striking two-tone treacleware glaze over a pale buff body. Moulded with Gothic arches. The placing of the lighter coloured glaze is done with careful control to achieve a very pleasing contrast.

The base has an impressed quartered circle (?) type mark which is unfortunately not distinctive enough to attribute it to a specific maker. However any kind of maker’s mark is rare on treacleware. This jug was probably made in Staffordshire circa 1845-1865.

Pot ID: AP/888
Dimensions: 151 mm highest to top of handle.
Net Weight (grams): 427

Condition Report:
Two chips on spout lip with a small apparently glazed-over hairline also in spout. There is an almost invisible tight hairline across the lower handle terminal, but handle has not been off.


Weight 950 g