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A pair of Continental terra-cotta spill vase figures, a boy and a girl with cornucopias.


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An unusual pair of terra-cotta (red/peach clay) spill vase figures of a boy and girl. They are in simple peasant dress with bare feet and are each holding a cornucopia (‘horn of plenty’).

The pale colour clay contains very fine mica which can be seen when it reflects light. They are crudely press-moulded and have flat bases.

These are certainly not British but beyond that it is difficult to establish an origin. The style could be German, Dutch or French, and they undoubtedly date to the C19th. These are a charming and rare pair of continental earthenware figures.

Pot ID: AP/945 + AP/946
Dimensions: 158mm highest to top of cornucopia on girl.
Net Weight (grams): 308

Condition Report:

Boy:-  Very small chip on back of cornucopia rim. Two small chips on back rim of base.

Girl:- Heavy chipping around rim of cornucopia. Small chip on hair. Large shallow chip on back of base rim.


Weight 775 g