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Treacleware (Rockingham glazed) spirit flask with Queen Victoria & the Duchess of Kent c.1838-1861


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An earthenware press-moulded spirit flask with a rich brown treacleware glaze. The front depicts a bust of the young Queen Victoria looking full to dexter, whilst the back shows a bust of her mother, the Duchess of Kent, facing to front.

Each portrait is framed within a pair of part-fluted columns which form a pointed arch. The base is flat with three kiln trivet scar marks.

These flasks are known in several versions, including examples with the names of the subjects impressed below each bust, so there can be no doubt as to the identity of the portrait subjects. They also occur in salt-glazed stoneware but curiously the treacleware versions are never identical to the stoneware versions.

According to John and Jennifer May “Commemorative Pottery 1780-1900” (1972), this type of flask was probably made to commemorate the coronation of the young Queen Victoria in 1838, and in any event, as her mother the Duchess of Kent died in 1861, they certainly pre-date her death.

English, probably Staffordshire, made circa 1838 to 1861.

Pot ID: AP/839
Dimensions: 226.5mm highest to top of rim.
Net Weight (grams): 559

Condition Report:
There is a hairline along the mould seam line on one side (to the right of Victoria) which has been stabilised with adhesive. See photo 5 (but is difficult to see or photograph). Some tiny glaze nibbles on edge of base.


Weight 1005 g