Small green-glazed earthenware sitting dog moneybox. Possibly Austrian. c.1890-1920.


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Small earthenware (or possibly low-fired stoneware) moneybox in the form of a sitting dog. Translucent green glaze. Flat un-glazed base. Hand-cut narrow coin slot along spine. The style and type of glaze suggest a possible Austrian / Bohemia origin, c.1890-1920.

This moneybox is not shown in either Huebner or Stoddard (or anywhere else), which indicates that it is very rare. Rated D-E.

Pot ID: AP/1218
Dimensions: 85 mm High.
Net Weight (grams): 101
Date: c.1890-1920

Condition Report:
There is a chip on the front left paw.


Weight 375 g