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‘Jackfield’ type black-glazed globular teapot with crabstock handle and spout. c.1765-1780.


‘Jackfield’ type (or ‘Shining Black) black-glazed globular teapot with crabstock handle and spout. Probably Staffordshire. c.1765-1780.

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A globular form earthenware teapot with a crabstock moulded handle and spout. ‘Jackfield’ type (Shining Black) black glaze over dark red/grey body. Simple hand-pierced 7 hole strainer in random formation. Small socle type turned foot and shallow turned base. The base is glazed with three kiln trivit point scars. The lid has a small crudely turned button finial with a large central steam hole.

This globular form is more usually associated with creamware teapots of the period and is less commonly found as jackfield type ware.
Probably made in Staffordshire c.1765-1780.

Pot ID: AP/467
Dimensions: 106mm Highest to top of lid finial.
Net Weight (grams): 286

Condition Report:
There is a very tight and hard to spot short internal hairline in the body on reverse side (it begins 3-4cm below rim and curves downwards but does not reach base). Another short internal hairline curls about 1/3rd under lower spout then goes about 3-4cm into body on obverse side. The spout and handle have never been off, but there is a single hairline through the handle near the upper terminal. The end of spout lip and spout rim chipped away. There are numerous very small chips around the teapot rim. There is a small piece of the lid rim missing along with numerous small chips around lid inner and outer rim. Nowhere near as bad as the long list sounds, I just prefer to give thorough condition report.

Weight 760 g