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Treacleware (Rockingham glazed) Minton art-ware Owl Teapot.


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A stunning and rare figural owl teapot with a treacleware (Rockingham type) brown glaze over a white body. The lid or head functioning as a cup. The body and lid are slip-cast, whilst the wings, tail, and beak are all press-moulded and added to the body. Plain ‘rolled’ handle and moulded hexagonal spout. Glazed all over with the exception of the lower rim edge of the lid.

The flat base has impressed mark ‘MINTON’ and an apparent year mark, however the year mark does not appear to match any of the Minton year marks. The MINTON mark was used from c.1862-1871 with an ‘S’ being added from 1871.

The design is inspired by the extremely rare white salt-glazed and ‘Whieldon’ type lead-glazed earthenware owl teapots and jugs, which were produced in Staffordshire in the C18th, circa 1760. There is a matching example of this Minton teapot illustrated in “The Henry H. Weldon Collection of English Pottery 1650-1800” by Leslie B Grigsby (1990), p.392-393, which is held in the collections of the Stoke-on-Trent City Museum, Staffordshire, (the Potteries Museum). The author shows it along side an almost identical teapot that has been completely hand-modelled and glazed with a mottled manganese brown glaze. The age and origin of the hand-modelled version is uncertain but believed to be c.1760. Other equally rare examples of the Minton version are known with a yellow glaze.

Pot ID: AP/856
Dimensions: 160 mm high (to top of head – highest point).
Net Weight (grams): 457

Condition Report:
Almost perfect. There is a small glaze chip on edge of the base below the tail. For accuracy it is noted that an internal lid may once have existed – but is not present in this example.


Weight 1050 g