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German brown stoneware jug, salt-glazed. Probably Raeren. c.1550-1600.


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A brown saltglazed stoneware jug. Tube neck and bulbous body with wheel-turned foot. There are also wheel-turned ribbing lines around lower neck. Flat base (slightly pushed in) which has circular shadow scar and a sliver of (sharp) ceramic from the pot it was stacked on top of in the kiln. There is no spout and the rim has been dented inwards (causing an internal split) before it was fired. Simple pulled handle. Rhineland, probably Raeren. c.1550-1600.

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Pot ID: AP/698
Dimensions: 172 mm High to top of rim.
Net Weight (grams): 640
Date: c.1550-1600

Condition Report:
Small shallow chip on top of handle. Upper rim chipped (probably where another pot sat on top of it and stuck during firing). Various kiln touch scars on the body from other pots in the kiln. Long thin chip along side of handle. The neck was dented before firing (see description above). Not bad for around 450 or more years old.

Weight 1150 g