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Small ‘Vigornian’ ware (treacleware) teapot with Sybil finial, attributed to Wedgwood. c.1878-1890


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A small treacleware teapot (Rockingham glaze) with a Sybil type finial on lid. The body and lid are further decorated with wheel engraved fern type leaf decoration, known as ‘Vigornian’ ware.

There is a distinctly purple tone to the brown glaze, indicating a high manganese content. Pale almost white body. Three kiln furniture spur marks on turned recessed base, which is glazed. The plain spout has a simple hand pierced 7 hole strainer.

This teapot is not marked but these Vigornian ware teapots are associated with Wedgwood. They are described by Robin Reilly in ‘Wedgwood The New Illustrated Dictionary’, (1995), p.448, where he unfortunately makes a rare error and describes them as acid etched (they are however accepted by most authorities as wheel engraved).

Vigornian ware apparently enjoyed a fairly short period of popularity from c.1878 to 1890.

Pot ID: AP/752
Dimensions: 148 mm highest to top of finial.
Net Weight (grams): 410
Date: c.1878-1890

Condition Report:
The spout has minor tiny chips and glaze wear around the lip as well as a tiny 17mm hairline from lip. The Sybil finial has been broken in two pieces and re-glued.
There is also a shallow chip on the inner rim of the lid with a couple of other fleabites to the glaze.


Weight 765 g