Pearlware oval moulded wall plaque, ‘Prometheus and the Eagle’. c.1790-1810. AP/1711.


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A press-moulded pearlware wall plaque of oval form. The moulded scene shows a man chained to a rock whilst an eagle eats his liver. This is from classical mythology and depicts ‘Prometheus and the Eagle’. The border and the scene are decorated with polychrome glazes and enamels. The clear glaze has a distinct blue tinge. The back is fully glazed. Unmarked. Probably Staffordshire.

Prometheus was an immortal who stole fire from the gods and gave it (along with other knowledge) to humans, for which he was punished by Jupiter. His punishment was to have his liver eaten by an eagle every day. As an immortal his liver would grow back each day so that he was doomed to an eternity of torture. Some accounts say that he was eventually rescued. He saved humankind from being deliberately kept in ignorance by the gods.

Pot ID: AP/1711
Dimensions: 249mm widest and approx. 16mm deep.
Net Weight (grams): 554
Date: c.1790-1810

Condition Report:
A chip under the edge of the frame near the hanging holes. There are several in-manufacture glaze scars on back from firing. Some wear to the brown enamel lines on frame.

Weight 1251 g