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Porcelainous china jug with blue slip ground and white sprigs c.1815-1830


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A white jug with pale blue slip ground around body and neck. The body is a translucent porcelainous china rather than a true felspathic stoneware. With a thin clear glaze. Plain moulded handle (with inner spur) and plain spout. There is engine turning around the lower body above the turned ‘S’ type foot. Turned recessed base. No marks.

The sprig (bas-relief) on the obverse side depicts a lady (goddess?) in a two-wheel chariot drawn by two panthers or lionesses. She holds a circular object (tambourine / dish / moon symbol?), she is accompanied by a cupid / putti figure who holds a stick across his neck with a bag of grapes at each end. It is possibly an allegorical representation of a season – possibly Autumn.

The sprig on the front shows a tree and wooden fence.

The sprig on the reverse depicts a woman holding a round object but also a caduceus (a stick with snakes and wings associated with medicine). She is in a four-wheel chariot drawn by two cupid / putti figures with a child or cupid sat in her lap. A shoulder yoke with two water(?) buckets lies on the ground. The significance of this sprig is unknown to me.

The jug has some similarities with porcelainous wares made by Ridgway, Staffordshire.

Pot ID: AP/852
Dimensions: 157mm highest (to top of handle).
Net Weight (grams): 563

Condition Report:
Several spider stress hairlines in the base, one very short internal hairline in lower body (obverse). Two tiny 10mm spider hairlines in lower body below handle.


Weight 1100 g