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Treacleware (‘Rockingham’ glazed) moneybox, sitting dog, Spaniel. c.1865-1890.


Treacleware moneybox in form of a sitting Spaniel dog. Probably Staffordshire c.1865-1890.

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A rare treacleware earthenware moneybox (coin bank) moulded in the form of a sitting Spaniel dog with brown so-called ‘Rockingham’ type glaze. Form is classic Staffordshire mantel dog. He has a chain and padlock around the neck. Base is more-or-less flat with just a slight depression. Hand-cut coin slot across back. This is the right hand figure, left hand matching figures are known.
HUEBNER and STODDARD both rate this model as very rare (‘E’ and ‘D’ respectively). Almost certainly made in Staffordshire but other locations are possible.

Pot ID: AP/1101
Dimensions: 124 mm High.
Net Weight (grams): 234
Date: c.1865-1890

Condition Report:
Sadly this dog has had a rough life and was probably broken by a child retrieving the contents. Head and chest have been broken cleanly off (from each end of coin slot, and re-glued (it is almost impossible to see most of the break). There is a chip on base edge at rear. There is a hole on top of the base plinth (where left paw is touched by back paw) with short associated hairlines either side of hole (the hole is the result of extremely thin clay at this point often caused by the press-moulding by hand method). Price reflects damage. It displays extremely well.

Weight 600 g