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Treacleware flask EDWARD WHYATT OF BONDARY – old man sitting with walking stick


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A rare earthenware treacleware spirit flask in the form of a man wearing a tricorn hat and a long coat. He is sitting down with a walking stick. The base is flat with three trivet (stilt) point kiln furniture scars. The body is pale yellowish buff, below a rich brown lead glaze.

The back is impressed (or possibly moulded) with “EDWARD WHYATT OF BONDARY”. This appears to be a miss-spelling of Boundary, a large hamlet in Derbyshire, England. There are several possible candidates for Edward Whyatt. An Edward Whyatt is listed as a potter in the 1861 and 1871 census. However other sources refer to an Edward Whyatt who was born in 1811 in Boundary and died in Boundary (?) in 1850. He married Harriet Wilton Whyatt and had three children.

Boundary is near Swadlincote, close to the Wooden Box Pottery where Joseph Thompson had his pot works. This flask was likely made by Thompson circa 1845-1850 but it is a mystery why it was made. Even more mysterious is that there are at least three different versions known, two of which bear the same inscription – but why would there be three versions from the same pottery? And why was Edward Whyatt commemorated? More research is needed and any information that adds to our knowledge would be much appreciated.

Pot ID: AP/1071
Dimensions: 248mm high to top of rim.
Net Weight (grams): 676

Condition Report:
Sadly the head has been broken at the neck and repaired (glued), a piece of the rim has broken off into two pieces and re-stuck. The flask base is not quite flat so that the flask rocks slightly.


Weight 1200 g