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Treacleware (Rockingham glazed) figural spirit flask in the form of a mermaid c.1840-1870


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A figural press-moulded spirit flask in the form of a mermaid with a rich brown treacleware glaze. The hem line on her chest consists of small dots and she has rather prominent nipples. Glazed all over with three trivet / kiln spur marks on back in triangle formation.

English, probably Staffordshire, made circa 1840 to 1870. It is very difficult to accurately date these treacleware flasks as they appear to have been made widely over a long period of production. So far there is no archaeological or archive evidence that I am aware of that might throw more light on their origins.

There are in fact at least 8 different versions (and probably many more) of the mermaid and mermen flasks, which are all scarce but it is not always appreciated that there are so many versions, so that they appear more common than they really are as the differences are not always that immediately obvious. The main distinguishing features of the mermaids are usually the manner in which the hem line is decorated as well as whether or not they have a ridge around the mid tail etc..

Pot ID: AP/1121
Dimensions: 199mm highest (long).
Net Weight (grams): 382

Condition Report:
There are two large chips on the neck rim. There are glaze defects from manufacture on the nose and the hem-line.


Weight 800 g