Two treacleware (‘Rockingham’ type glaze) chocolate cups or possibly loving cups. c.1840-1860. AP/393, AP/394.


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Two earthenware two-handled cups. These are probably chocolate cups but have similarities to loving cups. Each is glazed all over with a brown treacleware glaze, with one slightly lighter brown than the other. Each has its own applied clay leaves or flower sprigs, repeated obverse and reverse sides. They have extruded fluted handles, turned feet and bases and each has a different band of impressed rouletting below the rim. These are rare examples of early English wheel-thrown treacleware chocolate cups, probably made by a small pottery, possibly even a country pottery.

Both cups are included in this sale.

Pot ID: AP/393 + AP/394
Dimensions: 96 mm and 99mm High.
Net Weight (grams): 300 + 261
Date: c.1840-1860

Condition Report:
AP/393 has 4 small to medium chips on rim plus a small glaze chip on each handle, also several minor nibbles and two small shallow chips around rim of foot.
AP/394 has 2 longish overlapping chips on rim plus two much smaller (painted-in) rim chips and a few tiny nibbles around rim of foot/base.


Weight 1025 g