Small bachelor size ‘Littler’s Blue’ salt-glazed white stoneware teapot. c.1753-1777. AP/1239.


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A very rare white stoneware salt-glazed teapot with the distinctive deep blue glaze known as ‘Littler’s Blue’. Small bachelor size. Plain squat globular wheel-thrown body with moulded crabstock handle and spout. Simple turned foot and recessed base with thick foot ring. The cobalt blue glaze covers everywhere except the base and the inside. The spout has a crudely hand-pierced simple five hole strainer.

William Littler and Aaron Wedgwood were partners working from Burslem, Staffordshire c.1753-1764 and are credited with the Littler’s Blue glaze, though it is known that some other potters may have also made it. From 1764 to 1777 Littler went to West Pans, Scotland, and continued producing Littler’s Blue, which makes it difficult to pin down exactly where his pieces were made.

Most examples of Littler’s Blue have long since disappeared into museum collections and pieces rarely come to market.

Pot ID: AP/1239
Dimensions: 81.5  mm high to top of finial (156mm longest).
Net Weight (grams): 199
Date: c.1753-1777

Condition Report:
Small piece of lid rim is missing. Three small chips around rim of spout lip. [There is an in-manufacture kiln firing scar (glaze touch) on obverse side of body].

Weight 650 g