Three Staffordshire house moneyboxes (coin banks). c.1870-1920.


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Three Staffordshire earthenware moneyboxes (coin banks). The group includes two cottages and a Bank building.

The bank building is shown (with different colour schemes) in both Stoddard p.152, pl.734 rated “B”, and Huebner vol.1 p.39, pl.126 rated “D”. With dates given as 1920 and 1900.

The tiny cottage is shown in Huebner vol.1 p.41, pl.137 “1870 rated ‘C'”, and Stoddard p.151, pl.727 “1870 rated ‘D'”. Pat Halfpenny (English Earthenware Figures, p.288, pl.77)  illustrates a page from the catalogue of the William Kent factory in Staffordshire, which shows the same model being reproduced into the first half of the C20th. The moneybox listed for sale here has pink lustre decoration rather than gold, which is apparently an indicator of an earlier product.

The two chimney large cottage moneybox is illustrated in Huebner vol.3 p.103, pl.47 “1925 ‘C'”, and also Stoddard p.152, pl.729 “1900 ‘B'”.

1] Bank building:

Pot ID: AP/nlog
Dimensions: 122 mm high.
Net Weight (grams): 275
Date: c.1900-1920
Condition Report:
Some tiny flakes to the black glaze on chimney.

2] Tiny thatched cottage:

Pot ID: AP/1617
Dimensions: 82 mm high.
Net Weight (grams): 118
Date: c.1865-1920(?)
Condition Report:
One tiny flake chip under foot.

3] Flat back two chimney cottage:

Pot ID: AP/1160
Dimensions: 117 mm high.
Net Weight (grams): 286
Date: c.1900-1920
Condition Report:
10mm Tiny hairline from coin slot. Glazed over chips on edge of coin slot.

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