White felspathic stoneware mug with fox hunt sprig. Attributed to Chetham & Woolley. c.1800-1810. AP/1644.


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A white felspathic stoneware mug with vapour glaze and blue enamelled rim. The rim is turned inwards with a concave curve. The foot / lower body is engine turned with flutes. Ornate handle with acanthus leaf moulding. There is a continuous applied sprig scene of a fox hunt, which shows the fox escaping. Turned base with shallow recess.

An exact match of this mug is shown in ‘Chetham & Woolley Stonewares 1793 – 1821’ (Wyman, 2011), p.52, p.55, pls.63-66. Wyman describes this ware as ‘Pearl’ stoneware. The mug is firmly attributed to Chetham & Woolley, Lane End, Staffordshire.

Pot ID: AP/1644
Dimensions: 90mm high to top of rim.
Net Weight (grams): 227

Condition Report:
Perfect. (There is a feint scratch on the base which looks like a ‘hairline’ but is entirely absent on the inside).

Weight 755 g