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Rare “Jackfield” type small Bacchus beaker / tumbler with two moulded faces. c.1775-1800


Very rare black-glazed “Jackfield” type small Bacchus beaker or tumbler with two moulded faces. Earthenware. Staffordshire c.1775-1800

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A very rare small black-glazed earthenware beaker or tumbler of “Jackfield” type (“Shining black”). This highly unusual beaker is moulded with a different man’s face on front and back. One face is clean shaven and plump with a big smile. The other face is bearded and thinner and he is smiling, but only just. There appear to be grapes in the clean shaven man’s hair, which may indicate this is a Bacchus cup. Flat fully glazed base. Press-moulded in two halves. Probably Staffordshire, c.1775-1800.

It can’t be stressed enough just how rare press-moulded items are in early “Jackfield/Shining Black” ware. There are examples with similar moulding to be found in creamware etc., but this is the only example I’ve ever encountered, or am aware of, with a black Jackfield type glaze.

Pot ID: AP/689
Dimensions: 89mm highest to top of rim.
Net Weight (grams): 126

Condition Report:
A virtually invisible short hairline from rim on shaven man side (approximately 35mm to 40mm). Otherwise perfect


Weight 500 g